Welcome to the exciting world of learning at DPIA! In this page you will find all the information for your child’s journey that goes Beyond Trilingual Education. Check out more details about DPIA in the following links.

Our admission process takes five steps.

1. Formal Enquiry. New Parents receive all the school information

2. Trial Period. Student is assigned to a specific group for a period of trial.

3. Testing and Academic recommendations. Teachers evaluate the performance of the student during the trial period. Parents decide to move forward with the application and the student will be assigned academic tests where teachers consider it needed. (This mostly applies to Kindergarten 3 and Primary levels)

4. Enrollment. Parents provide all documentation for the registration and make the chosen payment fees.

5. Onboarding. Student is provided with the materials of the term. Parents are officially enrolled in the school systems and staff gets notified.

Enrollment periods

Start Your Child’s Journey Anytime! Enrollment for Kindergarten, Primary, and After School Programs is open year-round at DPIA. For the best planning and to ensure a smooth transition, we encourage early enrollment. This allows us to personalize your child’s experience and prepare them for their exciting learning adventure.

  • Term 1 – August 5 to October 18
  • Term 2 – October 28  to January 10
  • Term 3 – January 20 to April 4
  • Term 4 – April 21 to July 4

One Week Free Trial Period

Tuition and other Fees

Other programs